Accounting Assistant

For people with a knack for numbers and precision accountancy is a rewarding and versatile field. There is always a demand for good accountants in many different industries. But even the best accountant needs a good assistant. That's why competent accounting assistants are in high demand as well.

This home study will teach you the fundamentals to become an excellent assistant in any accountancy firm!

Time management, administrative work and strong communication skills are your biggest assets to get a job in a good firm. You´ll learn to talk to clients, schedule appointments, prepare the necessary documents for the accountant and do various other tasks that are essential to the job! After this course, you'll be the right hand every accountant needs.



Duur: 6-9 maanden


219.00 euro



After enrolling you can start studying immediately! The digital course is available on your profile page within 1 minute. The paper version is sent to you by post and will arrive in your mailbox before you know it. With this flexible home course you can study anytime and anywhere. You also get a full year of online guidance from a seasoned accounting assistant who assists you with extra exercises, custom feedback and personal work field experience. So you won't be on your own! Whenever you're ready, you can take an exam at one of our exam locations and if you pass, you receive a diploma!


You only pay 219.00 for this course. In return, you receive an illustrated textbook, one year of online guidance from a trained teacher who has worked for several big accounting firms, access to extra subject material on our online student platform and the possibility to take a free exam at one of our exam locations within a period of five years. Everything to get you started as an accounting assistant.

You will receive specially developed, loose-leaf teaching material in a handy storage folder. You do not have to purchase additional books and therefore have everything you need to make your home study a success. Your textbook contains practical questions at the end of each chapter, comparable to the exam questions. This way, you will be thoroughly prepared when you are ready to obtain your diploma!

Do you want to put your knowledge from this course into practice? Then you should definitely consider an internship. You gain practical work experience - which is a great plus on your resume – and in addition, you are further expanding your network with contacts that can help you when you start your career.

You can choose the period, place and duration of the internship yourself. This way, you can search for the perfect place to gain your first working experience. When you are ready to start, you can request an internship contract at our school. Complete this together with your internship provider and return it to us. After that, you can start immediately, with a maximum of 300 hours. Make sure you have completed your apprenticeship before you take the exam. This way you are completely prepared for your future career!

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  • Introduction
  • Course objectives
  • Career paths in accountancy
  • Ethical and legal framework
  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Analysing financial information
  • Debt and Equity financing
  • Inventory
  • Currencies


Ga je een thuisstudie volgen aan De Ondernemersschool? Dan ontvang je nu gratis de module Starten als Ondernemer (t.w.v. 99 euro) bij jouw opleiding! Zo helpen we je de eerste stappen te zetten op het gebied van zelfstandig ondernemen.



  • Communicate efficiently with different clients and partners
  • Understand the legal and ethical framework of accountancy
  • Provide an accurate picture of the financial position of a company
  • Analyse results and interpret different accounts
  • Understand everything about inventory and currencies


  • Working in a financial environment
  • Accountancy assistant
  • Administrative assistant


When you have completed the course, you take the exam at one of our exam locations.
If you score at least 60%, you will receive the diploma of the Accounting Assistant by post.
With this diploma, you can immediately apply for your dream job.



Veelgestelde vragen

What career paths can I choose after completing this course?
You can become an employee at an accountancy agency, work in the accountancy department of a company, … Basically, the course prepares you for pretty much any career path in the accountancy sector.
Which steps should I undertake if I want to become an independent accountanting assistant?
If you want to become an independent accountancy assistant in Belgium, you will also need a Belgian diploma in business management. Only when you own that as well, you can start as a freelancer. If you are interested in practising outside of Belgium, then we advise you to look up the country’s specific regulation, since every country has their own conditions.
Is this diploma the same as a university diploma?
No, but it is a recognised diploma that will allow you to be employed. Or if you own/get a degree in business management, you can also become an independent accountancy assistant. That way, you can work as employee in an accountancy firm for example. Be careful though: an accountancy assistant is not the same as an accountant.
Where can I sign up?
You can sign up on our website or call 0032 (0)32 92 33 30 for more information.
Can I follow this course without any previous experience or knowledge?
Yes. You can start from zero. The course begins with a clear introduction on the subject. Only when a course has 'advanced' or 'expert' in its title will you need some previous knowledge.
When can I start studying?
You start your home study course whenever you want. You can already start studying within the same day of signing up. The printed course will be sent immediately to you by post. It will be in your mail box before you know it.
Why choose a home study course?
One word. Flexibility. The flexibility to study anytime and anywhere you want, especially with our digital course that you can access on all your devices: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. You're entirely in charge of your learning pace so you can easily combine your studies with other things in your life. If you want to take the exam and get a diploma to add to your resume, you have a period of five years to take an exam with us.
How do I sign up for a course?
You sign up by filling in our registration form and making a payment for the course you want. After this we will send you a confirmation mail with practical information such as your log-in details for our online student platform.
What will I get?
You will receive a state of the art course in a sturdy binder and access to a digital version of the course on your account on our student platform. On top of this, you also get one year of online support and guidance from your personal teacher. This is always an experienced professional in his or her subject. You can contact your teacher on the student platform anytime you want for any help you need.
What if I have questions about the subject matter during my study?
Your course package always includes one year of online support and guidance from an experienced teacher and subject expert. Via our online student platform you can always contact your teacher for questions, extra exercises and feedback. You can always extend your online guidance time if you need. Contact our secretariat for this.
Where and when can I take my exam?
When you have studied your course you're free to take an exam at one of our exam locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. Impossible to get there? Do you live further away? We'll make arrangements to set up an online examination for you. If you score at least 60% on your exam then you pass and will receive your Accounting Assistant diploma by post. With this certificate in your pocket you can study for the job you want!
What if I live in Belgium and want to start my own business as a self-employed person?
If you want to start your own independent business in Belgium, you also need a certificate of business management ('attest bedrijfsbeheer' in Dutch). Lucky for you we also offer business management courses to prepare you for the business management exam at the Central Examcommission in Brussels. UPDATE: starting from 1 September 2019 you can directly obtain your business management certificate online at our school! No need to go to Brussels anymore!


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